NOW Design Studio based in Aosta Valley! Here we introduce the art of Spatial Design. We are interested in collaborations, please feel free to contact us!


06/IX/2012 - Alexandra Kharakoz is the winner of the design contest - "Be open. Create future now" 2012. 



At Night Art Design Studio we assist our clients in a variety of ways: concepts, spatial planning, design analysis, refurbishment, spatial styling and creative solutions. We help to find furniture and finishes, creating spatial and colour mood boards. From a space we develop a place that has narrative. We are determined to formulate a novel design solution for our clients. 

The Night Art Design Studio works in close collaboration with clients and in remote scenarios. We are always interested in new creative and collaborative ventures.

portfolio samples

"...Her interiors transmit agile landscapes and merged ideas of its environment. The concepts of the active lifestyle and being part of the progress of this world are priorities. She interprets forms of natural world into organic shapes of her interior designs with an idea to merge natural and man- made worlds under auspice of eco-sustainable politics..." - J.Fusturitz


"...Alexandra approached her work with high level of ambition displaying a willingness to push herself beyond the boundaries of what she already knew how to do. This approach to her work whether design based or connected to her research project has resulted in the production of a sagnificant body of work with a high degree of originality..." - F.O'Sullivan

"...Alexandra has attempted to push the boundaries of her involvement in her projects, consistently challenging in a positive light and never satisfied with obvious conclusions" - T.Taliadoros


"...Her work is always top quality in every aspect be it research, design or working in 3D Max...Her attention to detail has been second to none and determination to produce a workable well designed solution is admirable." - B.Soundy


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